We employ research and social science studies as a transforming force in both societal and individual’s life.

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English Programs

Our English courses cover the skill ares of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar, critical thinking skill, plus dictionary skill and pronunciation.

On completion of your studies you will receive a Certificate of Completion, indicating length of study, your English level indicated by your overall score along with an individual progress report based on module or progress tests.

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Anti-Corruption Projects

Promoting good governance and effective political representation is our long-term core mission as a research and learning center.

Chinbridge Institute implemented its self-funded project on anti-corruption in November 2017. It took one year to get published our research online.

This research entitles “People, Trust and Government: Chin Pubic’s Perceived and Experienced Level of Corruption” is published on November 26, 2018.

Full report can be accessed here: People, Trust and Government, Chin Public Perceived and Experienced Level of Corruption

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