How Do Teachers of English Change Lives?

Chinbridge Students
Chinbridge Classroom Atmosphere

English language can make life easier. This means that teaching English can definitely changes lives. There are many reasons, a few of them are briefly discussed in the following.

First, English is a global language in the sense that it is widely used in many different sectors, ranging from education, communication, business sector and technology etc. So, we can say that English literacy is one of the cornerstones for modern development, and that English teachers are unquestionably very important persons behind it. They could make a huge difference in community life and transforming the world through bridging gape in communication.

Another reason is that although some people may argue that in this digital age people can learn everything on their own using computer. But, needless to say, this cannot be applied to children. They need good teachers who can guide them to make their future lives clear and bright. Children always need support. In the case of adult learners, people may somewhat rely on computer, for example using software for learning English, however the value of teacher-student interaction cannot be replaced by computer. Online learning, for instance, can be very boring whereas classroom interaction can be very motivating. Indeed, at the heart of human being as a social being is face-to-face interaction. Staying at home and sitting for a long time, talking to nobody, which is the nature of online learning, seems not as productive as one might think. So, despite the fact that technology is something that is incredibly helpful both teachers and learners, it is understandable to say that technology will never substitute the most important aspects of teacher’s works like acting as an exemplar while teaching, inspiring and motivating learners, and guiding them to utilize their full potential for development. For this reason, English teachers will continue to be agents of change in this digital age.

Finally, and very importantly, English is our gateway to employment, mobility, and most importantly it is a key that opens doors for young people to study in prestigious Universities and Colleges that, in turn, allows them to dream and experience more. In other words, English is inevitably important for people to enter into a world of knowledge and skills. Since, teachers are behind this very important thing, they are change-maker.

So, to sum up, English teachers can absolutely change lives because they are the persons who bridge the gaps in communication, fill the gaps left out by advanced technology, and help young people dream and do more.

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