Learning English in the Real-life Situations

Task-based language teaching method is one of our methods at Chinbridge. It is a method that focuses on the use of practical language with more works given to students in the real-life context. Examples of task-based approach include conducting an interview, making an appointment, phone call, and so on.

Using task-based language teaching method can develop students’ language fluency and confidence within a short period of time because it focuses on the real-life situations. It is for this reason that task-based language teaching method is considered as a branch of communicative language teaching (CLT).

The uniqueness of Chinbridge is that it sticks to integrating Task-Based approach in our teaching methods, providing students different activities in different real-life contexts.  We give students opportunities to make mistakes because we focus the outcome of their learning, the completion of the task that is given to students. The most possibility outcome, indeed, is confidence and fluency.

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