Diploma in Political Science and Public Administration

Hi course hi kum fatin March ah thawkmi course a si. Kum khat chung kai ding course a si. Zarh khat chungah zarhteni (Saturday) lawng ah kai dingmi course a si.

Kai Caan: 9:30am-12:30PM
Kai Ni: Zarhteni fatin (every Saturday)

Hi course caah semester pahnih a um.
>Semester pakhatnak cu March ni 9 in thawk a si i June ah a dih.
>Semester pahnihnak cu September in thawk a si i December ah a dih.

Course Fee

Course dihlak (a dih dongh tiang) caah Ks.400,000 a si. Installment system in pek khawh a si. A tanglei installment system ning tein pek a ngah.

2. First Installment (Avoikhatnak peknak) : Ks.150,000 (March 6, 2019 ah pek ding)
3. Second Instalmment (Avoihnihnak peknak) : Ks.150,000 (June 5, 2019)
3. Third Instalmment (Voithumnak peknak): Ks.100,000 (October 2, 2019)

Course Credit

Item Credit
Seminar (Class) 40
Public Lecture 8
Thesis 30
Total Credit Hour 78

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