What Is Civic Education and Why Is It Important?

What is Civic Education?

Civic education is broadly and commonly defined as all the processes that affect people’s beliefs, commitments, capabilities, and actions as members or prospective members of communities. Civic education generally aims to answer questions such as who has the full rights and obligations of a citizen? In what communities ought we see ourselves as citizens? What responsibilities does a citizen of each kind of community have? What is the relationship between a good regime and good citizenship?, and so on.

Why Is It Important?

Here are a few reasons explaining why civic education is important. First, civic education leads to higher level of citizen engagement and participation in political process. It means there is a direct correlation between civic engagement and the level of citizen participation in political process and decision-making at any level in a society. Why this participation and engagement matter? The reason is that a disengaged public is a contributing factor to widespread corruption in Chin State. Without civic engagement, it is hard to take hold the government account and responsible for what and how they do what they do. The more citizens are educated, the more they are informed.

Secondly, informed citizen participation in political processes is more meaningful than citizens who are not very well informed. Civic education is at the center for preparing citizens to be an informed and thoughtful citizen. It empowers citizen to be well-informed, active, responsible and thoughtful, thus allowing citizens to speak for themselves.

Thirdly, civic education therefore strengthens public voices in public sphere. In this way, thought civic education, citizens are empowered and prepared to take control of their local governments.

Just as all development work as important for the development of the Chin State, civic education is as important as such works.

This is why we put great emphasis on civic education programs at the Chinbridge Institute with the aim to empower citizens to be informed, thoughtful, skillful, active and engaged citizens who will drive democracy to its intended destination.

Explore our civic education programs here.

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